Looking Ahead to puppies and upcoming breedings

Puppies at Windrift are a big event.  They bring so much joy to life, so much promise for the future.  They are the legacy of all the dogs we knew and loved before.  If you are interested on one of our pups please email us at laurie@windriftmals.com.


Fall 2015

Pups Born November 30th

One female available


15 month female available

4 year old female available


Pictures of Kelly & Jagger pups from March 2009 litter

Pictures of Ariel and Benny Puppies 2007

Paige and Costello pups go to their new homes 2006.

Pictures of Ariel and Devin's puppies 2005

Below is a peek at what really baby puppies look like.  Puppies at this age are very dependent on their mothers and need a lot of care.   They can't see, their eyes don't open until they are about 2 weeks old.  They can't hear either because their ears are shut and the flaps closed down over them.  The ears start coming up at around 4 to 6 weeks, sometimes later.  They also cannot regulate their own body temperature, so they pile up together near mom.   As they get older, they spend more time apart.

Two litters of Revlon's at very young ages.


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