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Nanuke Alaskan Malamutes - The D'Andrea's Website

SnoCreek Alaskan Malamutes - The Martin's Website


AMCA--The Alaskan Malamute Club of America

RealMals--RealMals webpage

AKC --American Kennel Club Web Pages.

CKC --Canadian Kennel Club Web Pages

The Kennel Club UK-- Kennel Club in Great Britain


Japan Kennel Club

British Dogs --General information about dogs in Great Britain

Showdogs-L --Large email list of people who show dogs.

Onofrio--Jack Onofrio Dog Shows Online:  Upcoming shows, online entry

Moss/Bow-Crowe -- Moss Bow Site:  Upcoming shows, online entry and much more

Jim Rau Dog Shows

Roy Jones/Sleeper Dog Shows

Jack Bradshow Dog Shows

McNulty Dog Shows

Rogers Dog Shows


Malamute Health -- Alaskan Malamute Health Webpage

CPR AND EMERGENCY CARE --BOOKMARK this link. It could save your dog's life.

ANIMAL POISON CONTROL --Site on animal poisoning with emergency phone number for information

OFA--Orthopedic Foundation of America, a certifiying organization with a searchable database and information about hip and elbow dysplasia and thyroid testing

VISION INFORMATION --Dicussion of both color vision and visual acuity in dogs

Canine Epilepsy-- Information on diseases that cause seizures in dogs

Handouts on Eye problems

American Academy of Ophthalmology Centre --Information on a host of canine eye diseases

All Animal Eye Clinic

Veterinary Information Site --Comprehensive site for veterinary information

Canine Diversity Project--Genetics Armstrong

Genome--Information on the ongoing dog genome project.

UC Davis Home Page--Their Research Center used Akitas for its portion of work on the the dog genome project.

Open Registry, GDC--Institute for Genetic Disease Control

Kidney Disease in Dogs --List of veterinary research facilities and libraries.

Kidney Disease in Dogs Website -- informative & fast loading graphics

NETVET --Veterinary updates and information

ALTVET --Alternative veterinary medical practices discussed.

Health Issues and information on Homeopathy --This Great Dane Breeder provides a thought-provoking discussion of health issues and veterinary care as well as information on homeopathic medicine

Skin Problems --Canine dermatology, lots of material on flea control

Health Info--Index on health problems, see dysplasa.htm. Great site.

Lost Pet Information

Gastric Torsion/Bloat--Info

Vetdog bloat

Great Dane bloat site

First Aid for bloat

How to Build A Whelping Box

So you want to breed



The Cookbook--All sorts of recipes for dog and people treats and other stuff as well...deskunking, cool mats and more

Three Dog Bakery --Learn to make Great Danish or Corgi Crumpets

Purina Farms Information --Purina has large research facilities and shares information on this site.

Dog Treats --A Newfoundland owner offers all sorts of recipes

Complete List of Dog Supplies and Sevices--If this isn't complete, it's the next best thing. Company web pages and phone numbers compiled by Bobby Linden, a Maltese breeder.

Stain Removal-- Carpet company tells you how to remove every conceivable kind of stain from carpet. A must for pet owners!


Working Dogs Zine -- Online magazine about all aspects of dogs working

Dog Owners Guide --Archived material covering a lot of dog-subjects.

Pet Health News --News releases on pet health from Kansas State

BarkBytes Magazine --Breed information, articles, club listings, etc.

Dogwise --A bookstore AND SUPPLY site dealing only with dogs and cats.

Sirius Dog Newsletter--


The Dogpatch --Links to every type of training from conformation to herding and tons of other stuff about dogs and behavior

Suzanne Clothier's Site--Best-known for training techniques to teach jumping to dogs, she has many excellent pieces on-line about behavior problems and offers reasonably priced pamphlets for specific problems.

Behavior Prescriptions for Problems --One of the best known dog behaviorists edits this site.

Dog Play--Fabulous site by Diana Blackman. Everything you might ever want to do with your dog, how to do it, and further references are listed here. Check the clicker and therapy sections.

Puppy Aptitude Tests--Wendy Volhard's instructions and score sheets for the PAT are provided here

Karen Pryor--Webpage for originator of click-training for dogs.

Gary Wilkes--Another pioneer in click-training.

Shirley Chong --One of my personal favorites for no-nonsense, practical, innovative training techniques. She also owns the Click-Train List and man valuable tips and hints from it are archived on her site in the Keeper section

Dr.P's Obedience.--Training info from a psychologist

American Dog Trainers Network.--A huge site with lots of reference material.


E-Mail Lists --Complete list of dog-related e-mail lists.

Pet Loss --Grieving for a lost pet. Visit this site.

Teaching Kids about Dogs --Teacher's site for humane education.

Catalogs Galore --Easily referenced list of hundreds of catalogs with dog products.

Dogpile Search Engine--Quick way to search databases

Fuzzyfaces--Boutique with most breeds including Malamutes! Some good ideas here for trophies or gifts.

How Far Is It?-- Tells you the distance between cities

Mapquest --Directions to anywhere, hotels, restaurant, airport maps and addresses.

Cool Dog Site --Features different "cool dog" page from somewhere in the world every day

World Wide Woof --All sorts of dog related information

Dogmarks--Thousands of links to dog sites.