Fun Photos

This photo proves that dogs are not telekinetic.  If wishing could propel that weiner from hand to mouth, it would already have happened! 

Anything for a treat!


Ariel on Ice!  You'd think this picture was snapped in the summer, but's freezing outside and Ariel's using a block of ice for a pillow!  Clearly, this falls into the "only-a- Malamute" category. Ariel on Ice

SharingBianca and Kendall are really living the hard life....






Jagger & Scandyl

(Best of Winners) & (Best of Oppisite)

Denali, his baby brother Garrett and Dad!


Denali Is living the hard life.

Snowball loves to hang out and watch TV.

Denali loves just hanging out with Dad!

Snowball is enjoying the weather.

Shadow and Kodi playing ball.

Kodi can still hold his own with Shadow!